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YuppTV on Roku

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YuppTV on Roku
Watch High Quality Indian TV Channels Live, VOD and US Time streams on your
Roku Player only with YuppTV
Note : YuppTV Packages are not available on Roku device in US & Canada
* If you have already subscribed for a YuppTV package in PC mode,
Please Enter the activation code (displayed on your TV screen) below and get your subscribed Package activated automatically.
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Currently Activated packages on your Roku Device

YuppTV on your ROKU Box
Go to Roku player home screen and select YuppTV icon.
If the YuppTV channel list is not available, you can download it from the channel store on your Roku player.
To install the channels select yes. On the Roku player, click go to channel to launch the channels.
The user will be provided with a validation code to enter at
On entering the code the Roku player will be automatically updated and your YuppTV account will be linked to your player.
Now that your box is activated, you can select the channel you want to watch and start enjoying.
You can do this
Setting up your Roku Device is simple

Step 1 :
Connect your Samsung TV to Roku as shown in Pic 1.
Step 2 :
Activate the new Roku box at
Step 3 :
Connect Roku box to the Internet using Wi-Fi or Wired
Step 4 :
Go to Channel store and select YuppTV and enjoy
For any suggestions or queries, our Customer Support team is all geared up in assisting you.