Q. How to connect WiFi to the dongle?

Ans. To connect WiFi, please press “Settings” on your remote or select from the Home Screen.

The first item on left side menu is “WiFi”. Select and choose your WiFi network. Once you select the network it will ask you to enter the password. Please use the keypad on screen to type in the password with the help of arrow buttons on your remote. After entering the password, please press back button on the remote. Then use arrow keys to reach “Connect” button on screen.

Q. How to close keypad on the screen?

Ans. To close Keypad on the screen, press “Back” button on remote control

Q. My remote is not working?

Ans. Please follow the following steps:.

1. Please check if the Receiver is connected properly via USB port in dongle
2. Hang the receiver on the top of your TV (there should not be any obstruction     between remote and receiver)
3. Go near the receiver and press VOL+ or VOL-.

If still the remote is not working please contact our customer support representative

Q. I plugged Dongle to TV. I am getting a “BLACK/BLANK Screen”. What should I do?

Ans. Please remove HDMI extension cable and connect the dongle directly to the TV. If still the dongle is not detected please call YuppTV customer support.

Q. What should be the distance between the Dongle and the Wi-Fi Router?

Ans. Preferably the distance should be minimum possible. If you have the Router in different floor, the signal strength in dongle might not be good. We advise a max distance of 30ft. but it varies from router to router.

Q. Channels in YuppTV are buffering, what to do?

Ans. Please check if the Dongle is getting download Internet speed of atleast 2Mbps. If any other devices are sharing the same Wi-Fi network, please stop them for a while to verify if Internet connectivity is the issue.

Then please check the Wi-Fi signal strength from the sign at bottom right corner on TV screen. It should have atleast 3+ bars present. If still you see buffering while playing live channels, please contact our customer support. We would trouble shoot and fix the problem for you.

Q. My screen got stuck at “Android” Screen. Its not moving forward.

Ans. Please connect your TV Dongle using power adapter provided with the package. If the issue continues, please contact YuppTV customer support.

Q. I see “update” on YuppTV app on my home screen. What should I do?

Ans. Please go to Yupp Store, select YuppTV app and install. Replace the existing app with the latest one.

Q. When I launch YuppTV, it gives me error “Connection Problem”.

Ans. Please check your Internet Connection. This error comes when your dongle is either not connected to WiFi or your Internet connection is very slow.

Q. After watching YuppTV for some time I get error “Corrupted stream” and then I have to press ok and again play the channel.

Ans. The error “Corrupted stream” can come if the Internet connection is not strong. Please check if the Internet is getting shared by other devices. Dongle might not be getting sufficient Internet to play the streams. After fixing the internet connectivity, if you are still getting this error please contact YuppTV Customer Support in such cases.

Q. My video is buffering

Ans. Please check your Wi-Fi network. You should have atleast 2Mbps Internet download speed for buffer-free streaming. The router should not be very far from the dongle/TV. Please use the Internet only for dongle and check the streaming.

Q. My remote forward/rewind buttons are not working with VODs.

Ans. For the media control buttons (rewind/forward) to work, you need to activate the dongle you’re your subscription. To verify, please check if you can see “My Yupp” in the 2nd row of Menu? If not means you have not yet activated your YuppTV account on this dongle. Please activate your YuppTV account in this dongle.

Q. I can’t see an app on my home screen. What should I do?

Ans. An app would be invisible if user “Uninstall” an app from Settings. To reinstall, go to Yupp Store and download the application again.

Q. When I click on YuppTV app it gives message “Install YuppTV client”.

Ans. This error message will come if user “Uninstall” an app from Settings. To reinstall, go to Yupp Store and download the application again.

Q. Where do I get activation code to activate my dongle?

Ans. You may watch any premium channel; it will give you a 5 digit code after 2 min free preview. You may also go in “Live TV”-- “Packages” -- Select your package and press OK on remote. If you are unable to find your package, please verify you have chosen correct language from the screen menu below.

Q. How to access my Home Network/memory card using dongle?

Ans. To access home network devices, please goto “Yupp Share” on the Dongle home screen on your TV. It will automatically detect the devices in range.

To access the memory card, please insert the card into the slot available in dongle. Then go to Dongle Home Screen and open “Yupp Share”. It will show you the device “YuppTV dongle”. Open it and you may select the files from the memory card.

You can also send us your queries at support@yupptv.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

User Manual

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