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Just Married

Malayalam Drama 01h 49m First Shows

HD Movie
  • Director :
    Sajan Johny
  • Cast :
    SajanJohny, SreeramRamachandran, ViviyaSanth, NeerajMadhav, JoyMathew
Joe is a youngster who looks forward to having the most idyllic of married lives, and would not even think of having a fling until he finds the girl of his dreams. And find he does, when he bumps into Roselyn and with not much delay, the couple decide to get married. Joe however soon realizes that married life isn't quite what he expected it to be, since Roselyn finds a multitude of excuses to keep him off the bed. Frustrated and totally perturbed, Joe turns into a mental wreck, with both his professional and personal lives driven into turmoil. Unable to take it anymore, Joe attempts to strangle Roselyn in a drunken stupor, which drives the couple to a point of no-return.