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Alexander, the role played by Sreenivasan, is an investigating officer who is splendid at his job. He investigates a case in which a young man is clobbered to death and solves it fast and intelligently. Harsha, the role played by Dulquer, lives an isolated life in a large lonely house. He kidnaps an auto driver and tortures him in the mansion cellar. Alexander takes up the case and suspects Harsha. Realizing this, Harsha kills the driver and dispossess the severed body parts and then escapes. The story takes a turn as we are taken four years back, where Harsha is a happy young musician, who is in a relationship with Maya. Harsha leaves for Chennai to perform and while he is there, Maya is murdered. The killing of the love of his life devastates Harsha. Who killed Maya Why did Harsha kill the driver Watch Theevram movie online.

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