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Zee News is an Indian News Channel and is a part of Zee Media Corporation. The channel has a beautiful tagline saying “Soch Badlo Desh Badlo” meaning “Change your thinking to Change your country”. Zee News excels in providing the latest news in Hindi. The channel is very popular in both North and South Indian states.

Zee News is one of the fastest news channels in Hindi that brings you unbiased news from India and all over the world. The channel delivers News from Sports, Business, Cricket, Technology, Science and Environment, Lifestyle, and International News. Some of the interesting news programs in the channel are Daily News and Analysis, News 100, Morning Superfast, 8 PM Special, News 50, Aap ki News, Bollywood breaking, Fast n Facts, etc. It also has a special program to deliver News for Hearing Impaired.

Zee News started an initiative called Bharat Bhagya Vidhata concentrated on delivering news about important issues in Politics, Business and Civil society. The program conducts interviews with some of the important news makers and politicians and discusses about the serious issues in the country.

You can watch Zee News live on YuppTV from anywhere in the world. Zee News live TV is accessible through YuppTV Website from your laptop/ PC or Smartphone. You can also watch zee news online via any internet enabled device. YuppTV also allows Zee News live streaming via Android Smart TV through YuppTV App.

Here are some of the prominent personalities and the most important programs on Zee News

Sudhir Chaudhary

The most notable personality of Zee News Channel hosting two most followed programs Daily News and Analysis show, Sudhir Chaudhary heightened the reach of Zee news Channel. The Editor also holds a unique record of being the Editor in Chief of a Hindi and English News Channel in India. Sudhir Reddy interviewed some of the outstanding news makers in Indian Politics, Business and Entertainment industry. The Daily News and Analysis show (DNA) hosted by Sudhir Chaudhary is one of the top rated news programs in the channel.

Mimansa Malik

Mimansa Malik is a Senior Anchor and Producer in Zee news Channel. Her impartial handling of News and debates has made her one of the most respected News anchors in India. Mimansa is anchoring prime time news bulletins namely Prime Time Special, Non Stop at Nine, Metro News, Special News Show, Zee Helpline- Haq Ka Sawaal. Her current show Zara Hatke which is a part of “Bharat Bhagya Vidhata” initiative by Zee News is one of the popular shows in this channel.

Rohit Sardana

With over 12 years of experience Rohit has been with Zee News channel for the past 9 years. This man is one of the highly prominent and efficient journalists of the country and has won many awards in his career. Rohit hosted a program called Karmakshetra, which is a unique program non- existent in any other news channel. The program highlights the report card of MPs (Member of Parliament) of different constituencies and also allows people to ask questions directly to their MP. The program had earned a decent reputation and made Rohit one of the most sought after journalists.

Some more distinguished Anchors and journalists that contribute to the successful news delivery of Zee News channel are Rubika Liyaquat, Rahul Sinha, Purnima Mishra, Vidya Nath Jha, Aditi Awasthi, Aditi Tyagi, Sachin Arora etc. All these are the most prominent anchors of Zee News Channel delivering the latest updates from India and all over the world to your living room.

News Deliverance

The channel delivers news not only from the major Cities of our nation like Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi etc. but also from towns and villages. Given its reputation as a channel that exhibits the highest affliction towards the issues of the common population, the channel excels in providing the news that creates a positive effect in the rural community and the government efficiently.

Zee News also covers the news from rest of the Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe, Australia and the whole of Oceania. Be it the Politics from North American Continents, Russia, The Great Britain or the Entire Europe, all of which have been the pinnacle topics of the world recently or the coverage of unrest in the Middle East nations because of ISIS, the channel stays ahead of any of the Indian Channels.

Apart from this, the channel provides the latest updates from the Technology & Scientific world, Entertainment & Fashion domains, and from Health & Lifestyle related areas in an engaging manner. The Entertainment News though mostly comprises of Bollywood News, also presents updates from all the film industries in the country. Aside from the infamous Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali industries, the channel presents news coverage from the other industries like Malayalam, Gujarati, etc. too.

Zee News Available in USA, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and UAE