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Amar Akbar Anthony

Malayalam Comedy 02h 22m First Shows HD Movie

  • Director :
  • Cast :
    IndrajithSukumaran, NamithaPramod, Nadirsha, VishnuUnnikrishnan, SrindaArhaan
Faizal (Asif Ali ); a native of Kochi; is a bike action artist. He has an accident during a stunt and is admitted to the hospital. He as asked how he fell from the bike. He gives the reason by telling the story about his best friends; Akbar( Jayasurya ); Amar( Prithviraj ) and Anthony( Indrajith ). They belong to poor families and live in a slum in Fort Kochi. Amar works in a shopping mall as a kids mini kart driver. He is a lecherous man and has many failed loves. An orphan lady along with her daughter Fathima (Baby Meenakshi); lives with his family. Akbar has Poliomyelitis and is handicapped due to it. Anthony works in a mall as a pizza delivery boy. Akbar; Amar; and Anthony have a crush towards their neighbor Jeni (Namitha Pramod); who is a dance performer. Their wish is to go to Thailand; Pattaya beach to meet modern women and flirt. What happens next is the story of Amar; Akbar and Anthony. Watch Amar; Akbar; and Anthony.