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V6 News TV Channel strives to inform you of the current state affairs of Telangana in Telugu language. Dedicated to news, V6 News works round the clock to air Breaking News and other interesting news as well. The news is first hand, well researched, straight to the point and unbiased. Besides catching the in depth news, you will enjoy great entertainment from its popular shows like Maatakari Mangli, Hyderabad Shaan, Life Mates, Yuva Telangana, Cinema News, Spotlight, Death Secrets, Teenmaar News, Bithiri Sathi Teen Maar News and Taara as well. Isn't it a pleasure to be in contact with your home country? However far away you might be, Visit YuppTV or install YuppTV App to Watch V6 News TV Channel live and enjoy Indian content live.

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V6 News is Available in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, New Zealand, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Qatar and UAE.