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Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam

Tamil drama 02h 16m SonyLiv 16+ HD Movie

  • Director :
    Prabhu Jeyaram
  • Cast :
    Rohini, RS Karthick, Junior Balaiya, Nakkalaities Dhanam, Raghul Thatha, Madras Meter Gopal, Meera Mithun, Iyra, Bhagavathy Perumal, Kayal Vincent, Soundarya
A struggling film director pitches stories based on the caste dynamics of the state, to a producer, hoping to get a chance to make and direct his ideas. The story of a member of a caste-based political party and his proud caste identity, a poor Brahmin who is trying to clear his TNPSC for a Government post, and a scheduled caste individual trying to be a temple priest.