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MAA TV is one of the leading Telugu language TV channel in Andhra Pradesh, India.

There name MAA ( Maa in telugu means "OURS") spells out our entity and enterprise...

Now Maa TV is a No 1 Telugu entertainment channel, carving a niche for itself in the market which is already crowded with 11 satellite channels, various cable channels and with around so many other new channels in the pipeline.

Maa is following a very clear strategy of expansion and consolidating its viewership. The change in the management and subsequently the huge change in programming seem to have turned the tide in the channels flavour.

Right from its Technical excellence, Fun filled Programming, nativity and innovative content have undergone a tremendous change. Maa is also a pioneer in VAS based services. In a very short time span, Maa has made a mark on the Telugu viewer across strata and gender, the globe over, as a channel that is different - in terms of its attitude, freshness and novelty. It has also proved its mettle with the advertisers, having become a very attractive alternative to the market leaders Gemini and ETV, as a channel that has delivered in terms of a viewership medium with returns.

MAA TV now launched there music channel MAA MUSIC FROM 30TH MAY 2008.

MAA TV is with us the most Valuable of all Resources - the HUMAN FACTOR...

Absolutely committed to making the impossible happen...

.. and with such Sheer One-pointed focus and teamwork, THERE IS NO STOPPING NOW.

MAA is getting better and better each day ...and more popular...

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