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Songdew Live is an exciting new channel that showcases live shows and performances of independent artists from India! Stay tuned and catch some of the most fantastic live performances from Indian independent artists only on Songdew Live!
If you are an independent artist or a band, now you can also get your live performance video featured on Songdew Live! Just write to us at with your live performance details and share a link to view the same. Our team will get back to you right away!

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As listener or music lover, you can explore fresh music uploaded by artists across the country or your own locality! You can follow the artists and can download songs or buy CDs of your favourite artists! You can create your own playlists to listen to your favorite tracks any time! Whats more, you can also promote your favourite artists and participate in exciting contests and activities to win prizes!To discover and explore new artists and music from India and across the world - Log on to

Note: Songdew respects and honors the rights of copyright owners.The artists featuring in the various videos have confirmed that they have all the necessary rights with them for using the services of Songdew for broadcasting the same. In case , there are any disputes on any rights related with any of the videos, please let us know on and we would take necessary action immediately.