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Zoom TV Live
Isko Dekho!

Watch Zoom Entertainment channel live at YuppTV.

Why miss your favorite channel just because you are an NRI? Or simply because you are currently not in India? Still you want to keep in touch with your favorite channel? YuppTV is an online subscribe-to-watch website that offers non-resident Indians audience the chance to enjoy their favorite channels at any time.

Once again, YuppTV has gone to the lengths of securing its subscribers the opportunity to be able to watch Zoom TV. All you needs to do is subscribe to Package. This is regardless of it being a mobile phone, tablet or computer devices all on a single subscription.

Having a robust engineering in their technical background, YuppTV can provide TV subscriptions through six screens regardless of your device hence being cross platform. Citizens eligible to access these services include residents of UK, Australia, New Zealand and most of the European countries.

Zoom TV Available in Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, New Zealand, Japan, Trinidad & Tobago, Middle East, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE