With nonstop fun and entertainment, Extra Jabardasth is the most popular Telugu comedy show. Started in 2014, the show continues to laugh your head off. A perfect blend of comedy and satire, Extra Jabardasth busts your boredom and takes you on a fun ride.

The show provides Five teams to participate in the competition and perform a situational comedy skit, and judges declare the winner based on each team's points. The five teams that compete for the best performer are the Sudigaali Sudheer team, Jigel Jivan team, Bullet Bhaskar team, Kevvu Karthik team and Rocking Rakesh team. While each team has their unique style of comedy, all teams enjoy immense love from the audience. Getup Srinu rocks the show with his various getups and modulation and is undoubtedly a favourite. Bullet Bhasker keeps experiment with out of the box ideas. The Rakesh team comedy timing is commendable, and it is impossible to watch him without laughing. Karthik and Jivan teams entertain viewers with their timing, witty lines and performance. The show provided an opportunity for most of the contestants to appear in recent Telugu films.

Popular actress and politician Roja and renowned South Indian singer Mano are the super judges of the show. Mano replaced Naga Babu recently. Rashmi Gautham received immense popularity while hosting the show. Along with the regular judges Roja and Mano, the show often witnesses celebrity guests as judges. With subtle satire, spontaneous punches and humorous comebacks, the show tickles your funnybones.

Extra Jabardasth is undoubtedly the most-watched Telugu comedy show and is aired every Friday at 9:30 PM on ETV. YuppTV, the world’s leading OTT platform for South-Asian content, adds entertaining and engaging content from ETV to its users. Watch Extra Jabardasth Online on YuppTV to lift your spirits and get going.