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Tamil drama 01h 52m SonyLiv 16+ HD Movie

  • Director :
    Arun Prabhu, Purushothaman
  • Cast :
    Pradeep Anthony, TJ Bhanu, Diva Dhawan, Aahrav, SN Bhatt
Vaazhl (Live) follows the journey of one man on the path of his self-discovery. A journey that would traverse landscapes outside and layers deep within. The film flows pretty much like life, cascading as a series of misadventures. Every step leading to the truth and every turn reveals its absurdity. Prakash, a young software employee caught up in the regular rat race, gets pulled into a series of misadventures by a chance encounter. Strapped with 4-year-old Yatra who has the knack of heading straight into trouble, Prakash is dragged on a journey scaling the breadth of this continent landing up in strange situations. Each escapade in all its hilarity later unveils more about people and places to Prakash widening his perspectives. Prakash finds his purpose by embracing the beauty in life.