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Yennai Arindhaal

Tamil Action 02h 49m First Shows HD Movie

  • Cast :
    AjithKumar, ArunVijay, Trisha, Anushka
The movie starts with Anushka Shetty arriving in Boston to visit her Niece. Later; when she was about to catch the flight for Chennai; Anushka Shetty gets an upgraded seat next to Ajith Kumar; who is IPS Officer. During their journey on the flight; Anushka started vomiting because of overeating then Ajith Kumar helped her that made her feel better. Soon; Anushka develops a crush on Ajith Kumar. Later on; Anushka and Ajith Kumar decides to meet at a cafe; as Anushka wanted to express her love for him. Watch Yennai Arindhaal movie online.