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A religious leader delivers a discourse on the sacred scriptures and discusses how following the teachings will improve one's quality of life.

Channel Divya is an innovative and visionary spiritual music channel that revolutionized people`s experience of devotional content. It aims to touch the souls of viewers across the globe with its authentic and soul-awakening music that refreshes their minds, bodies, and spirits with joyous rhythms. Channel Divya is committed to offering its viewers a rich diversity of content, providing nearly five hours of fresh and unique content every day with various tastes and flavors. Through its robust and insightful content, the channel has brought people from all walks of life together and promoted mutual understanding and harmony between different spiritual traditions.

Channel Divya offers an unrivaled path to relaxation and spiritual fulfillment through its extensive range of beautiful tracks. The channel programming includes mantras, bhajans, aarti, and sacred music with the extraordinary power to transcend, unite, and elevate the human spirit. The channel has loyal viewers worldwide, a testament to the quality of its content. With nonstop devotional music, it has earned viewers` trust and appreciation. It affirms its unwavering commitment to providing the most exceptional spiritual programming available.

Divya TV is Available in United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, New Zealand, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, Middle East, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE.