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As the technology advances, new and more convenient means of passing information are invented. The introduction of live streaming has been a great achievement in the media sector. This is attributed to the invention of live streaming. Bangladesh Television (BTV) is a government-owned television that has been in the media industry for the last 52 years.

BTV has also entered the world of live streaming. However, it conducts its live streaming through YuppTV. YuppTV content provider mostly broadcasts content from South Asia. It broadcasts its content in more than 13 Indian languages. BTV National to stream live their news feed to the audience all over the world. This allows the Indian nationals who are living outside India to have access to vital information of the events that are happening in India and the entire world in their language. BTV national live now opened Bangladesh to the world especially to the Indians who live in different countries all over the world. One can watch the broadcast on televisions, iPads, phones and computers that have access to the internet.