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Being away from India albeit for a short period can leave you longing from home. Being in a foreign country without your Asianet Malayalam news channel and fellow countrymen to talk about issues or just indulge in activities or small talk that they can relate to can leave you feeling homesick. One of the biggest issues that arises from moving to countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia or Europe is that you fail to keep up with the current news in India. This more often than not, makes you lose touch with Malayalam New Channel and current affairs.

With YuppTV, Indian expatriates can now keep up with the Malayalam news even as they are away from home. Visit YuppTV and expose you to channels such as Asia malayalam news live, a Malayalam news channel that will help you keep up with India`s current affairs. The fact that YuppTV is available online means that you can have access to Asianet news channel from the US, UK, Australia and the whole of Europe. Visit today and enjoy unlimited Malayalam news from Asianet news TV live.

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