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Jeevan TV Live Malayalam News

Watch Jeevan TV Live Streaming Online With High Quality at YuppTV. Enjoy the amazingly refreshing Malayalam News and Entertainment programs via Jeevan TV Online. It is a Malayalam News channel catering content to the Malayalis around the world. The channel which was started in 2002 delivers the news from the urban as well as the rural areas of Kerala in the fastest and the most entertaining way. The channel is one of the most followed News entertainment channels of the state. Jeevan TV Live provides the best of News and Entertainment programs, interviews, Devotional, Social Awareness, Health, and Musical programs.

The channel features all kind of News programs which deliver news from disparate sectors. Some of the news programs also feature the news related to the Middle East Countries and the Malayalis living there. Shows featuring interviews with celebrities from various fields are a part of the daily routine in the channel. Jeevan TV channel provides informative programs like Haritha Keralam carrying the wisdom of better agricultural methods and farming techniques to the common populace.

In addition to these, several Cooking shows, devotional programs, shows portraying live musicals, songs from movies, and inspirational interviews featuring the success stories of several people constitute the rest of the schedule. Artistic shows like Gafoor Ka Dosth which portray the existent social issues in a hilarious manner in the disguise of an animated character also led the channel to be on the top of the Malayalam News channels.

The shows in Jeevan TV are based on deliriously innovative concepts. Shows like Arabian Jalakam in which the host presents updates on Middle East events and issues related to Malayalis and also interacts with the individuals living there, Netizen Journalist in which the several compilations of hilarious as well as grave videos that are captured by the Citizens of Kerala are featured etc., are a stark illustration of this. Besides this, Cookery shows like Nalapachakam and shows like Misty Rain featuring the live musicals in which Eminent bands perform evergreen melodies from various Indian languages show the novelty of this channel.

Watch Jeevan News live online through YuppTV from all around the world. YuppTV allows you to access the channel on your Android Smart TV, Smartphone and a variety of internet enabled channels. Jeevan TV live streaming is also possible on your gaming consoles and tablets. All you need to do is download the App and start watching. Jeevan TV online is available in all the basic Malayalam TV packages of YuppTV.

Enjoy watching all of Kerala News and Entertainment programs like Star Chat, Ente Ishta Ganangal, Omaniyam, Vachana Deepthi, Haritha Keralam, Jeevan News, Gafoor Ka Dosth, etc., on Jeevan TV online. Check out the basic information about some of these shows.

Haritha Keralam

This is a show portraying all the latest agricultural techniques and various farm equipment that can benefit the farmers and horticulturalists. The show comes up with the most innovative technological advancements that can provide a better way of farming. It also features information related to the dairy farming industry enabling them to make better business and improve their lives.

Gafoor Ka Dosth

Portrayed as an animated character, Malayali Superstar Mamukkoya addresses various social issues in a hilarious manner. The show is filled with laughter yet offers some good insights about the ways to deal certain problems in the society.

Icons of Arabia

A show which features the achievements of young Indians settled in the Middle East. The host converses with them about their life, experiences and the secret behind their success providing the common populace some inspiration and other valuable information.

Jeevan TV is available in United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Middle East and UAE