Comedy shows are our all-time favourites. Of all the shows on TV, comedy shows are the most-watched. While other shows target one particular audience, comedy shows are watched by everyone, irrespective of age and gender. Not only do these shows help us to forget our worries and lift our mood, but they will also allow us to take a break from our chores and enjoy time with family.

The Katharnak comedy Show, 'Jabardasth' on ETV is an absolute laugh riot and guarantees unlimited fun. Produced by Mallemala Entertainments, this show is directed by Sanjeev K Kumar, Nithin and Bharat. Undoubtedly, Jabardasth is the most popular Telugu TV comedy show that keeps humour on a full charge. First telecasted in 2013, Jabardasth runs for over 400 episodes now and continues to be everyone's favourite till today. Not only in both the Telugu states, but this show is watched by Telugus worldwide. The entire family sits and watch Jabardasth together, and there's no fight for the remote.

The show's format follows a competition between six teams through performing skits, usually a situational comedy. The six teams in Jabardasth are Hyper Aadi and Raising Raju, Adhire Abhi, Chalaki Chanti and Sunami Sudhakar, Rocket Raghava, Venky's Monkeys & Thagubothu Ramesh. Hyper Aadi enjoys considerable popularity, thanks to his nonstop punches. The audience has shown immense love for Chalaki Chanti and Rocket Raghava. Venky, Ramesh and Sudhakar have a different fan base. Ansasuya hosts the show from the show's inception, and her association with Jabardasth goes back a long time. Both Anasuya and Jabardasth are synonyms for each other, and Anasuya earned much popularity through Jabardasth. While actor and politician Roja is judging the show from the beginning, Mano is judging the show from 2019, replacing Naga Babu.

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