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Tamil Action 02h 13m

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  • Director :
    R. S. Durai Senthilkumar
  • Cast :
    Dhanush, Trisha Krishnan, Anupama
For Kodi (Dhanush), legislative issues has been a piece of his life as far back as his introduction to the world. His dad Murugan (Karunaas), a low-rung party specialist, brings him up to end up distinctly a government official, before setting himself ablaze, challenging a processing plant whose poisonous mercury squander has destroyed lives in the territory. Kodis indistinguishable twin, Anbu (likewise Dhanush), is a differentiation to his unpleasant and-intense sibling. He is a school teacher and a conservative. Kodi is the secretary of his gatherings childhood wing and his associate who is more sibling like to him is Bhagat Singh (Kaali Venkat). His sweetheart Rudra (Trisha), who has a place with the opponent party and has been in governmental issues since adolescence like him. Here enters egg-merchant Malathi (Anupama Parameswaran), whose eggs are broken by Kodi. When she pursues him, she goes over Anbu and missteps him as Kodi. That day, she goes to Anbus school for some work and there she sees him and slaps him, takes away his telephone and him to give back her broken eggs' cash and after that take it. In the middle of happens arrangement of funny occurrences. Anbu becomes hopelessly enamored with Malathi. Malathi lets him know her town regrettable condition because of the processing plant's mercury squander, which Anbu tells Kodi.