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Tamil Romance 02h 32m

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  • Director :
    Jeeva Shankar
  • Cast :
    Vijay Antony, Mia George, Thiagarajan
"Yaman" begins thirty years in a town where the optimistic Devarkonda Gandhi (Vijay Antony) is in running for the MLA position. Panduranga, his companion and political adversary, gets him slaughtered and gets chose from a similar voting public while Gandhis wife commits suicide abandoning their infant child. The motion picture then moves to the present in Chennai where the child grows up as Ashok Chakravarthy (Vijay Antony once more). A dire requirement for a colossal whole of cash required for his granddad drives him to go to imprison for somebody else.The story commences now when he is made up for lost time in the contention between two adversary groups. Now, Karunakar (Thiagarajan) ventures in as his guide and helps Vijay defeat his inconveniences and begin his own particular business. Before sufficiently long, Vijay and Panduranga, who is an intense priest, winds up in the same political circle. In parallel, love blooms between the film star Ahalya (Mia George) and Ashok over a progression of occurrences. The film develops to a point where Ashok with his political desire comes into a face to face encounter with his tutor and furthermore Panduranga. Will Ashok likewise succeeds with regards to avenging the passing of his dad? Will Karunakar endure the developing ambitions of Ashok? Whatever remains of Yaman is about how Ashok reaches his target. Watch Yaman online in YuppFlix across all the internet enabled devices.