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Chithiram TV is a Tamil kids satellite television channel.

Chitiram TV available online now at your favorite internet television provider, YuppTV. You can now watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime at the comfort of your home, coffee shops or during travel with just an internet connection. YuppTV brings to you live chitiram tv india to your laptops, phones and tablets.

Now Watch Chitiram TV live on YuppTV without any hassles of installing satellite dish or interruption from bad weather conditions. It is an IPTV entertainment service that airs kids channel live throughout the day time. Watch famous shows like Dennis the Menace, Word Girl, Puppy’s Day Daily. Special shows during summers and the holidays. Check out new and amazing packages and subscribe today.

Watch "Paz little penguin" where 5 year old PAZ and his friendly pig, dog and rabbit play, learn and grow. Travel the world with Mallard Mystery on the Miss Mallard Mystery show and solve mysteries with the animated duck. Fight the evil Abawoo with "Kung-foo Taiji Panda" and collect sweet songs to save his magic kingdom as he and his friends experience many adventures using their special Kung-fu book. Check out Dennis with his ever naughty acts on "Dennis the Menace". Unlock mystery of the sea world with Conch Bay. Venture onto the imagination of a 6 yr old "Elliot Kid" and his superpower of being over imaginative and fight with monsters, aliens and knights in every show. Watch "Vetri Veera", "Crazy Kingdom", "Thirukkural Kadhaigal" and many more such exciting new show.

Watch amazing shows at the palm of your hands every day and make TV and internet time fun. Watch them learn and grow with the amazing telecast specially made to make your kids think and use their imagination. Shows that make for a great watch and gets your kids involved in amazing and fun ways. Watch Chitiram TV live on YuppTV now!

Note: Chithiram TV not available in Singapore and Malaysia.

Chithiram TV is Available in United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Middle East and UAE