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Chinnaiya is a loyal servant working for Karunakaran, who treats him like family. However, in a shocking turn of events, Karunakaran's daughter accuses Chinnaiya of attempted rape.

Kalaignar TV is a leading Tamil Television channel that has captivated the hearts of Tamil audiences with its diverse range of programs. The channel presents a delightful mix of Movies, News, Serials, Reality Shows, and more that cater to the interests of viewers of all ages. The channel has an extensive library of new and old content, including popular shows aired on TV for decades. What sets Kalaignar TV apart is its ability to showcase stories that seamlessly blend innovation and Tamil culture. This has made the channel an integral part of every Tamil household, with people of all ages and genders tuning in to watch the latest shows. With a vast range of stories unique to the land, Kalaignar TV ensures that viewers are thoroughly entertained and captivated. Check out the latest movies, all-time classics, iconic TV shows, and more on Kalaignar TV.