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The host sheds light on some of the most recent social, economic and political news, updates and developments from around the world.

Stream your favorite 10 TV available on YuppTV. Bringing news and the latest updates on politics, business, entertainment, technology, sports, weather updates, and many more, 10 TV is a 24/7 popular news channel reporting from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and several other parts of the world. With two modern online studios and a support system, the channel provides credible and comprehensive news throughout the day. Launched in 2013, 10TV is one of the reliable sources of unbiased information and caters to the diverse needs of viewers.

Embracing the newer technologies, 10 TV brings engaging creative content 2 Minutes Headlines, Special Focus, Patas News, and others are some of the popular shows on the channel. With its severe and engaging journalism, the channel quickly emerged as a favorite for many. The channel opposes the misinterpretation of facts and focuses on news meant for welfare and development. It plays a significant and meaningful role in entertaining, warning, and moralizing the viewers.

For nonstop news and a daily dose of updates, stay tuned to 10TV, the ultimate destination for reliable information. Be quick to be informed about everything that`s happening all around the world and enhance your knowledge. The channel brings the latest news, analysis, and events across politics, current affairs, economy, health, climate, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, and culture throughout the day. Stay up to date with daily exclusive news and breaking stories. The debates and discussions will give an overall perspective to several pathbreaking human stories.

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