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Ayirathil Oruvanum

Season 1

Season 1 episode-1 Tamil Drama 1 Season | 5 Episodes

Aayirathil Oruvanum Nooril Oruthiyum is a Tamil Tv serial produced by K. Balachander and directed by Rajendra Kumar. The story revolves around Mahendran, a very strict Domestic Relations Officer who hates women to the core. He is known to give a tough time to the women employees in the office who end up leaving their job or get transferred. But thingstake a turn when a new employee named Vidya joins Mahendrans office. She sets out to tackle Mahendran head on by using his past involving a widowed woman named Kamali. Who is Kamali What happend to Mahendran that made him hate women How are Vidya, Kamali and Mahendran related