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India's Best Dancer

Season 1


Season 1 episode-1 Hindi dance 4 Seasons | 137 Episodes SonyLiv U/A 7+

HD Movie
They say that actions speak louder than words, but on the stage of "Indias Best Dancer only actions speak. Actions to express, actions to emote, and actions to impress. In todays show, the contestants from across India arrive to show their hidden talents. First is Shubham Kumar from Gaziabad, U.P. His perfect balance, bursts of energy with elegance impresses the judges. Then comes an even greater performer Mohammad Aakib. However, his life isnt great at all. He tells the judges that all his life, he has been made fun of his complexion and thats why he has sworn to show them his worth. He even raps for his unfair critics. He receives a standing ovation. Now comes a lighter part of the performance; Mukul, who hails from Raipur, Chattisgarh. First, he swoons the judges with his performance and then with his love and lucky charm, Sona. Geeta cracks a joke with her and invites her onstage. One of the judges then asks Sona that how she manages Mukul. To which she jokes that hes scared of her, and that she will beat him if his heart wanders somewhere else. Next story is of orthodox society, of an unaccepting father, and a hopeful sixteen years old daughter seeking her fathers affection and acceptance; Himanshi. With the same hope, she performs in front of the judges and leaves them tearful with appreciation and sorrow. Geeta then calls Himanshis father, but his attitude and refusal to support breaks Himanshi. But she pulls herself back and promises her father that one day not only he will accept her but will be proud of her. Then, Raj Sharma from Gwalior comes and wins the judges by his performance. Raj has received dancing in legacy. He credits his maternal uncle for it. Judges call the uncle on stage. The Malaika then acts being disappointed on learning that uncle is married. The uncle then jokes that if Geeta says yea, he will leave the first one. He says his wife resembles Geeta and even the name of his school is Geeta Public School. He even says that Geeta hasnt chan