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India's Best Dancer

Season 1


Season 1 episode-2 Hindi dance 4 Seasons | 137 Episodes SonyLiv U/A 7+

HD Movie
The show starts with Vishnu, a chowmein vendor, he appears on stage and shows his Krumping skills to the judges. Malaika compliments him for his fit body and decides to move him to the next round. Then, Harsh Pawar, an auto rickshaw driver gives an excellent performance on the stage. The judges love his performance. But Harsh constantly scratches his body in anxiety so, Geeta agrees to move him into the next round only if he stops scratching for whole 90 seconds. Pooja Santoshi puts the stage on fire with her masterpiece dance steps. The judges are shocked to see such high energy in her performance. After listening to her story, Malaika has tears in her eyes. After a series of failed belly dancing acts, finally, Rohit Kumar showcase the best belly dance on the show and moves to the next round. Later, Aman Shah, comes on the stage with his unique choreography and amazes the judges with his different performance. After Aman, many contestants try to woo the judges with their amazing stunts but they get rejected for lack of their dance moves. Finally, Sadhagi Majumder performs a collage of some Indian classical dances and earns a standing ovation from the judges. At the end, Suraj Verma appears on the stage and he mesmerizes the judges with his awesome dance performance.