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India's Best Dancer

Season 1


Season 1 episode-5 Hindi dance 4 Seasons | 137 Episodes SonyLiv U/A 7+

HD Movie
The episode starts with the Mega Audition round, where the contestants have to battle out with each other, making their way to the "Top 12". The round begins with a choreography round where two contestants have to perform individually, which will be followed by a dance off battle between them. Firstly, Ram and Shweta arrive on the stage. While Rams solo performance is showered with compliments, Shwetas unique fusion of Bharatanatyam and Hip Hop style dance gets her a standing ovation. Further, their dance off battle stun the judges. The second dance off battle witnesses Sonal and Vishnu competing with the same dance style, Krumping. Meanwhile, the third dance off between Rutuja, Sadhwi and Sanjana aka the "Teen Deviyan leave an effective impression on the judges. Sadhwi and Rutuja become the first two contestants to secure a place in the "Top 12. Later, the fourth dance off battle takes place between Aman and Himanshi, which leaves the judges to think who amongst them is more deserving. Later, they leave it to decide on their final scores. And finally, the last dance off battle of the episode happens between Adnan and Shubham, who also receive an innumerable amount of praises from the judges. Watch the full episode here.