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India's Best Dancer

Season 1


Season 1 episode-3 Hindi dance 4 Seasons | 137 Episodes SonyLiv U/A 7+

HD Movie
The show starts with a bang. Shweta's dazzling dance wins her thumbs up from the judges. Meanwhile, Tiger Pop's performance leaves everyone stunned. After finishing his performance, Tiger says it was his dream to bring his mother on this stage. Tigers mother tells about his struggles to reach this platform, leaving the judges teary-eyed. Then after a "son" performing for his mother, a "mother" named Shiraz from Mumbai arrives on the stage to perform for her son. Shiraz performs a stunning belly dancing act, telling she has returned to dance after a hiatus of 4 long years. She tells it was her dream to perform for her 2 and a half year old son, Urvaksh, who actually inspired her to return to her passion of dancing. Other than them, Adnan Khan from New Bombay and Sonal Vichare from Mumbai leave a lasting impression, getting selected for the next round. Mitesh Rai aka "The Real Surviour", his leg condition leaves the judges to discuss about his selection, but he succeeds in passing the first test. Watch the full episode here.