Mana Mugguri Love Story

Telugu 1 Season | 18 Episodes Romance

Mana Mugguri Love Story

Season 1


Season 1 mana-mugguri-love-story---02 Telugu Romance 1 Season | 18 Episodes YuppTv 5

Swathi comes from a middle class family from Vijayawada. Since she is the only child, she was raised like a princess by her father and he wants the best guy for her. Her mother on the other hand is worried that all the good guys are getting married and there won't be any left by the time she wants to marry. Due to the pressure of her mother, Swathi manipulates her parents into sending her to Hyderabad and she starts working in an ad agency. There, she falls for not one, but two guys and how she deals with this dilemma is the rest of the story.