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Media Network launched the Tamil 24 hour news channel "Captain News" on (29-8-2012). Captain News is the first of its kind to have educationally qualified and technically equipped news reporters in every assembly constituency of Tamilnadu. Along with assembly constituency reporters Captain News has district reporters in all the districts of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry union territory. Every news reporter is personally trained to cover all the major incidents throughout the state on minute by minute basis.

Captain News has the state of art technology network to produce news bulletins and programs at par with the international presentation standards. Captain News is well equipped with new generation electronic equipments for quality content production. It has an experienced technical and editorial team for a responsible news production. With in a short span of time after its launch Captain News has managed to win the confidence of television audience in terms of television rating points also. The international, national and state wide news coverage of Captain News is well appreciated by people of all walks of Tamilnadu.

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