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Kairali TV Live

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Kairali TV is an Malayalam language Indian television channel. Malayalam Communications Limited is the holding company which is chaired by Mammootty. Kairali TV by its very style and content en-capsules the quintessence of the culture, ethos and artistic aspirations of Malayalees.And not surprisingly, Kairali Channel has today emerged as an information-rich and viewer favorite channel that would entertain, engross and educate the Malayalee population all over the world.Kairalis vision is to create programmes that meet international standards of creativity and production excellence. And Kairalis mission is to rule the airwaves as the channel with the cutting edge viz the cutting edge of News breaking, programming and technical perfection. Today Kairali TV has emerged as the most preferred channel of Malayalees deeply entrenched in the minds of Keralites the world over.

Kairali TV is available in Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Middle East and UAE