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Set Max TV Channel via YuppTV is your number one source for Indian television. Living outside of India is no longer a roadblock to watching your favorite television shows - Now, you can get them anywhere! Set Max boasts live streaming to many countries, including Set Max live in UK, AUS, NZ and EUR. Subscribing to YuppTV is simple, and with subscription you gain access to home entertainment across many different devices so that you can watch your favorite shows anywhere. Choose from a variety of watching options, including catch up TV, live TV, movies and more! Watch Set Max live on your computer, internet enabled television, ipad, android, WD playbox or samsung smart tv, among other options. If you are looking for an easy way to watch your favorite channels like Set Max Live, look no further than YuppTV, your Over The Top Entertainment solution.

With Extraaa Innings, MAX changed the rules of cricket presentation in India during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003, and made it an entertaining affair that set viewership records.

SET Max available in Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and New Zealand.