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Zee Action Live

Jackson The Paying Guest     Live

A police inspector falls in love with a village leader's daughter. To win the leader's approval, the policeman is asked to stay several days in a haunted house.

Zee Action is one of the brain children of Zee Entertainment whose focal point is getting the action entertainment close to the audience. The channel features some of the best Bollywood action movies of all time. Blockbusters such as Ghayal, Phool aur Kaante, Apradh, Ghatak, Elane Jung, Tahalka, Qurbani etc., which made history in Hindi Action films, are some of the examples of the movies brought upon by Zee Action for its viewers.

The channel focuses not only on the Bollywood films, but also on the best of dubbed Action movies from other languages mainly Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, etc. The channel provides nonstop entertainment for the viewers with the best movies all through the day. You can find some of the best Bollywood classics that redefined the genre of Action films featured on Zee Action.