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An astrologer provides astrological predictions and answers people's queries related to astrology.

Dheeran TV is a leading provider of high-quality entertainment for its viewers. The channel offers extensive coverage of diverse topics, including knowledge, education, employment, current affairs, social issues, talk shows, cooking, beauty tips, daily updates, weekly episodes, telefilms, film clips, studio rounds, live astrological predictions, interviews, and a wide range of other exciting in-house programs. Whether you're in the mood for films, documentaries, epics, or film-based program archives, Dheeran TV has everything you need. As a satellite channel with a cutting-edge studio and state-of-the-art equipment, it produces top-notch programs that feature the latest special effects, computer graphics, and animation studios. Don't miss our captivating talk show "Dheeran Darshanam" and the enlightening documentary series "Dheeran Jothi" for must-see original content. Make sure to check out everything that Dheeran TV has to offer for the ultimate viewing experience!