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72 Model Malayalam Movie has Govind Padmasoorya playing Saajan, a cab driver who join hands with his best friends Vivek (Sreejith Vijay) Rethinirvedham Fame and Parvathy (Soniya Das) to start a real estate business. The investment that he puts into the venture is thanks to a bag of loot that someone had accidentally planted in his 72 Model Ambassador cab. The trio appoint Janaki (Nazreen Nazar), a young girl in financial distress, in their company, but things go for a toss when Saajan finds that half the money that he had kept safe in his room has disappeared without a trace. I never thought a further drop down the line would be possible for a director like Rajasenan, but he does the unthinkable in his latest film 72 Model and comfortably sets a new low for himself. Here is yet another opportunity to reminisce over the several adorable films that he had once presented over us, and rue over the mystery as to why some comebacks seem implausible

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