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916 as the name suggests focuses mainly on the pure relationship between a single parent, Dr. Harikrishnan (Anoop Menon), and his dear daughter in 12th grade Meera(Malavika Menon). It narrates a set of events when two closely knit families lose their balance, one is that of Harikrishnans and the other is Dr. Rameshs (Mukesh) which consists of his wife (Meera Vasudev) and two children. While Dr. Harikrishnan is an altruist who considers his profession as a means to serve the society, Dr. Ramesh thinks otherwise. Prasanth (Asif Ali)is a simple man, who reacts to unethical issues, and is against the whole internet culture enters their lives as a youngster who had a specific degree and was searching a good job.the movie comes to twist when Prasanth enteres into the life of Dr. Harikrishnan and Meera and falls in love with this beautiful girl. The rest of the events form the crux of the story....

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