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Kamal (Kamal Haasan), a lawyer by profession also actively involves in social works falls in love with Vasanthi (Urvashi), and her grandfather (Srinivaasan) works as house keeper in Raj Shekhar (Major) house. One day Rajshekhar murder his friend and partner Madan and cunningly blame on Grandfather and he is arrested and put behind bars. One day Grandfather escapes from prison to kill Raj Shekhar, he is murdered by Raj Shekhar. Kamal, with the help of Vasanthi starts investigating the murder of Madan and Grandfather. Why Rajshekhar murder Madan Who is Anuradha Whether Kamal catch the culprit Raj Shekhar What happened to love of Kamal and Vasanthi The climax reveals all these answers.

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