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Kalyani(Shobana) is the daughter of a rich NRI Ramachandra Prasad (Kongara Jaggaiah) who is the resident of the US.Kalyani was raised by her fathers friend Anand (Chandramohan). She falls in love with a man and decides to marry him against her fathers wishes. He ditches her when he learns that her father is going to disinherit her.Later, Prasad retracts his disapproval and plans a vacation with Kalyani and her husband in his estate. Anand and Kalyanidecides to hide the truth about her breakup from Prasad as he is ill. They want to make him happy as this may turn out to be his last vacation. Anand decides to hire a man who can play the part of Kalyanis husband.At last, he is able to convince Vishnu(Mohan Babu).Meanwhile, Kalyanis cousin knows that Vishnu is not her boyfriend and tries to prove this. As the days pass Kalyani begins to develop feelings for him and wishes to marry him. A few days later a mysterious visitor comes to Vishnu claiming to be his relative. Finally, the truth is revealed about Vishnu that he is a convict who escaped from jail after being sentenced to death. The visitor is a jailer (Kaikala Satyanarayana) who has come to take Vishnu back to the jail. Vishnus past is also revealed. Vishnu married a mute dancer Revathi (Ramya Krishna) and they also had a child. Meanwhile, Vishnu finds out a man visiting his wife which makes him suspect her. One day he finds that man in his house and attacks him. Revathi dies in this fight. Later, Vishnu comes to know that he was Revathis brother who came to his house to hide as he is a Naxalite. Vishnu also tells Kalyani the reason behind running from the jail.He wanted to make money for his childs surgery. After spending the happy vacation with Kalyani, his father decides to return to the US. In the end, the jailer takes Vishnu to jail which as ordered by the court. The film ends with the tragic death of Vishnu. Watch Alludu Gaaru movie online.

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