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Amhi Jaato Amuchya Gaava Marathi Movie is a dramatic performance episode, based in highlighting the predicaments of two business partners called Shridhar Pant and Shamrao Khapartonde. Shridhars kind hearted character makes him fall into his business partners evil plans. The main superstars who make this movie to glow are Uma Bhende, Shrikant Moghe, Madhu Apte and Suryakant Mandare. This movie illustrates the story of a well kind hearted Shridhar Pant who lives with his wife Laxmi and his daughter Vaijayanti, who falls into his friends evil plans. Pant is ill advised by his business partner Shamrao to take the business loan and write off all his wealth as the mortgage. This leads to serious misfortunes on Pants life as Shamrao blackmails him. He threatens Pant to agree into marrying his daughter to Sharmas son who is mentally challenged or he causes havoc in his life. During this awful period in Pants life, he is visited by Dhanaji, Santaji, and Sayaji who have escaped from prison, though they introduce themselves as travelers. Pant gives them a place to stay for a few days, unknown to him that their motive was to steal his wealth. These prison escapees motive is interrupted after learning the misfortunes that have befallen on Pant and his family. Due to the kindness of Pant, they decide to help him recover his wealth back and make Shamrao pay for his evil deeds. Watch Amhi Jaato Amuchya Gaava movie online.

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