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Shridhar Pant is an honest and kind-hearted businessman who lives happily with his wife Laxmi and daughter Vaijayanti. However, Shridhar Pant's partner Shamrao Khapartonde takes advantage of his trusting nature. He advances some business loans to Pant and tricks him into signing everything he owns as mortgage. Khapartonde now threatens to ruin Pant if he does not agree to the marriage of his daughter to Khapartonde’s mentally challenged son. Meanwhile, Santaji, Dhanaji and Sayaji land up at Pant's doorstep. They explain to Pant that they are travellers and Pant offers to put them up at his house for a few days. It so happens that these men are hardened criminals who are on the run after escaping from prison. The real reason for their arrival is to rob Pant of his wealth. But once they live in his house, they learn of the troubles that have befallen Pant. The criminals have a change of heart and decide to set things right.

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