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Bhumika Chawla is a young and energetic journalist, who joined a TV news channel to work as a reporter. She lives happily with her uncle name Shankar Melkote in the city. Later, on her first reporting task, Bhumika Chawla successfully exposes the case of child labor in a politicians house. She also managed to expose the unskilled working condition of a girl named Lakshmi who was forced to work in politicians house. The local politician somehow tries to throw the girl out of the house in order to be safe from being arrested. Bhumika Chawla decided to give her shelter and took her to home. Because of this expose, Bhumika Chawla becomes a big sensation in every household. Soon, she also becomes favorite of her boss. Meanwhile, a series of murders started creating panic among the people of the city. It was assumed by the police that some serial killer is behind all these murders, who always takes internal organ of the victim and leaves red rose near the body. Bhumika Chawla accompanied by Abbas, a special task officer tries to track down this serial killer who has created a horror in the city. Bhumika Chawla investigates the matter in her own way and even gets successful in gathering evidence against Ravi Babu, proving that he is the person behind all these murders. Unfortunately, the police department lets him go away because they thought a person with polio-stricken legs can never do such things. Watch Anasuya movie online.

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