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The movie seems to move around a girl who looks simple but an introvert rich girl with many secrets behind. Lakshmi Narayana (Suman) and Sudha are happily living couple with their dear son Chaitanya (Surya Teja. Lakshmi Narayana is a small businessman and wants his son Chaitanya to work with him but he doesnt like to do his fathers work. In a sweet turn of events, Chaitanya happens to ask the favor from a woman lawyer. She asks Rs. 1 lakh in bribe, Chaitanya pays it but later Harshaki Poonacha claims for her missing Rs. 1 lakh and Chaitanya fins out that that Rs. 1 lakh were transferred to his account from someone else and are of Harshaki Poonachas .now he has to pay that due money back. During whole money arranging process the hero falls in love with her. On the other side, his father dies and Chaitanya becomes a responsible person, decides to carry forward his fathers business. His mother tells him that his fathers debt to four people. While the late father paid back three of them, he died without fulfilling to one of them. This one is Jagdish Chandra (Naresh). From here story focuses on how an ordinary businessman like Chaitanya going to pay the debt of a big businessman and how his romantic life turns to a pleasing moment. Watch Appudala Ippudila movie online.

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