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Arun, the role played by Rajesh, is an Indian air force officer who falls in love with Vandana, the role played by Sharmila. They marry secretly and do not involve their parents. Later on, Arun dies in an air crash and leaves a destitute and pregnant Vandana behind. The family of Arun refuses to recognize Vandana since the wedding was never formalized. After giving birth to a healthy baby boy, she gives him away for adoption to a childless couple. After a while, she is employed in the same house as the childs nanny. Her employers brother Shyam, the role played by Manmohan, comes to live with them and one day tries to rape Vandana. Suraj, her baby boy who is now grown, comes to her rescue and stabs Shyam who dies instantly. What will happen to the boy Suraj Will he realize that the nanny he was saving was his mother Will Vandana take the blame for Shyams death To find out, watch the Aradhana movie online.

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