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Jayant Kumar (Rajesh Khanna) is a very successful criminal lawyer in Bomaby High Court. He lives with his wife, Anu, and a sister named Priya. His Police friend Amit feels that Jayant should be a little responsible and should not defend criminals. But Jayant does not pay heed to that and he feels that his job is to defend his client irrespective of whether he is a criminal or not. Priya marries Vijay, Amits younger brother. Amit gets killed in action and his younger brother joins the Police force and he is given the task of finding out the truth behind his brothers death. Vijay finds out that his brothers death was a well-planned execution by underworld gangsters, and arrests the son of Mulchand Malhotra. Jayants wife and sister are raped and it completely changes his outlook and he vows to bring the criminals to justice.

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