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There is nothing uplifting like a good comedy on a movie-day. Baba Lagin is exactly that and more. It is a political drama directed by Abhiram Bhadkamkar and the cast includes stars like Ashok Saraf, Kishore Godbole, Subhash, Sunil, Dr. Girish Oak, Magesh Desai among many others.This movie is a political mockery that seeks to portray the true nature of our politicians and it delivered this in a sarcastic and comical manner. Ashok plays the main character, the politician, who goes to celebrate the partys anniversary in the village. The villagers have a certain naivety and he uses this to make the best for himself. We also see the funny ways of politicians as they make a mockery of good governance and their slavery to sycophancy. He also shows how they fail to fulfill their initial pledges to their citizens. See the comical Marathi drama and it will make you think deeper next time you vote. Watch Baba Lagin movie online on YuppFlix.

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