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Description :
Sudha is happy with Satish her second husband and she has young daughter, Manu from this marriage. Sudha's son from the first marriage, 'Ananda' is staying with his now newlywed father in Nagpur. He is 12 years old and lives with his grandmother, elder uncle and aunt. He has a blurred memory of his real mother while Sudha also shares same sorrow as she had to stay away from her own son for eight years. 'Ananda' wants to meet his mother, and he skilfully manages to get his mother's address from his favourite Pama aunt. He sends a very emotional letter to his mother who after reading it, now desperately wants to meet her own son who's missing her. But society is not going to look at this meeting as an easy and straight task. The two have to tackle their emotional dilemmas, family crisis and obstacles, to accomplish their only wish of seeing each other.

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