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Boss-Gopala Krishna is the managing director of G.K. Constructions. Anu Radha (Nayana Tara) works as his secretary. Though there is a constant ego problem between the Boss and his secretary, she always admires him but never reveals that. She gives her resignation to her boss when G.K. bawls out on her. He doesnt approve her resignation and puts it off for a month. He appoints Sruti (Poonam Bajwa) as new secretary and asks Anu to train her up for a month. Anu Radha does a big favor to the company in a crisis and wins the heart of her boss. On that moment she opens up at her boss to say about her love. Then the story rolls back to Nags marriage with Sriya and her death in Tsunami. How G.K happens to accept Anus love is the story.

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