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Sam (Kunchako Boban), Jojy (Indrajith Sukumaran), Pauly (Suraj Venjaramoodu), Tony (Joju George) are cousins. During Sam's wedding all of them are at the church. When the priest asks Sam whether he wants to marry the girl he says no and that he want to marry Annie who was his old love but married to another man. The bride felt betrayed gets out of the church. The cousins consulted a psychiatrist and they told him that Sam had met with an accident during his Engineering Studies, and he lost his memory of the past 6 years. To regain his memory, the Doctor advices Sam's cousins to take him to a journey. So they travel through the places where Sam had traveled before losing his memory. During the journey they reach a carnival. Some anonymous people began a fight with them. All of them identifies Sam from long ago, and tells him to bring back Arathi but Sam does not remember Arathi, so they tell excuses about bringing Arathi. Later they met a girl named Malika(Nisha Agarwal) who is the elder sister of Arathi. After meeting Malika Sam reigns his memory and tells his cousins that he knowns Malika. So they go to Malika and ask her if she knows Sam. She tells them that some years ago he had come to the palace and had met her sister Arathi and that they fell in love. But the royal family didn't accept their love and so they tried to run away from that palace. Several henchmen chased Arathi and Sam down through a brook and they jump into the waterfall. It then seems that Jojy knew everything and he begins saying that he knew Arathi and he was the one who admitted Sam in the hospital after the waterfall jump both of them had escaped with minor injuries. While fleeing to meet Jojy down in the valley, they find the henchmen chasing them and they try to escape in a coracle.

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