Daggaraga Dooranga Thriller | All
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The story revolves around a creative ad filmmaker Gautam who on the orders of a big client creates an image of a model made through computer photoshop collaging of many top Indian models. The created image is named as Kamakshi but Gautham does not known a girl with the name Meenakshi with similar face and features lives far away. Meenakshi is shocked when her photos get splashed across vinyl boards. She also loses her fiance with whom she had been engaged earlier. An angry Meenakshi rushes to Hyderabad to meet the person who is responsible for her plight. She lands up in the residence of her friend Zarina, an investigative journalist who is tracking a story of a terror plot. She hands over a DVD to Meenakshi and moves out of her house. But Zarina gets killed later and circumstances force Meenakshi to run away with Gautham. The two are suspected by police for their alleged terrorist links. How they come out of this tricky situation forms the rest of the story

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