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Description :
Lecturer Prasad (N T Ramarao) and Seeta (First Savitri) are a happily married couple. They have a son Madhu (Master Murali). Seeta looks after her parents-in-law very affectionately. She also takes care of every family affair meticulously. She comes to know that her father Seshaiah (Perumallu) is sick and starts home by train. The train meets with an accident. The family members come to know that Seeta is alive and rejoice. She reaches home, but is unable to identify any of them. Seshaiah leaves his entire property in the name of Seeta and dies. Dr. Rukminamma is called for consultation. She identifies that the lady in the family is not Seeta. Meanwhile, Prasad comes to know that Seeta died in the accident.

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